Burton’s Big Adventure

After returning from the laundromat on Saturday, I decided to try and tidy up the sun porch so I could set up my table and chairs out there and actually enjoy it at some point.

Burton, who has pretty much acclimatized to the new house, was right at the door when I decided to go out, so I invited him to come along.

He explored every inch of the porch he could reach. While he was nosing about, I opened the door to the fenced area.

Like Relic, he was cautious at first.

Unlike Relic, he wasn’t at all concerned about being fenced in. I think he was probably just happy to be leach and harness free.

He made himself right at home!

10 thoughts on “Burton’s Big Adventure

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Those are just the cutest photos! He looks so pretty with all that green background. I predict the catio is going to be very popular.


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