Sunny days ahead

I hope you all aren’t too bored with the house posts. As you can imagine, getting things together is pretty much all-consuming right now.

I mentioned before the that sun porch kind of ended up as a staging/storage area as we were moving in. Even though I’d tidied it up so that the cats could get out there, every time I turned around, Dave was filling the empty spaces with stuff. (We’re having the same problem in the kitchen!). I finally put my foot down and told him “NO MORE CRAP ON MY PORCH!!!!”

Then I went out and cleaned it up again. I wanted to get my table set up so I could sit out there with the cats. Of course, all the hardware to put my table back together has gone missing. When I took it apart, I put all the bolts in a ziploc, along with the allen key. I even labled the ziploc… but do you think I can find that ziploc? Nope. It’s around here somewhere, and will turn up eventually I’m sure.

For now, Burton and I are making do with a little plastic side table. Despite Burton’s face, he’s actually thrilled to have the chairs out again.

I still need to get a plant stand to replace the one that broke. and the porch is still storage for a few things (our big fish tank and accessories and some screens from the windows), but I now have a nice space where I sit and knit and hang out with the cats.

I’m happy to say both Burton and Relic have mastered the cat door and now go in an out as they please. Rupert is slower, but I brought him out the other night. He was skittish at first, but soon calmed down. By the time it was dark, he didn’t want to come in! (No pics because my camera was charging.)

10 thoughts on “Sunny days ahead

  1. Michele Cooper

    What a lovely spot to sit, to sit with coffee, to sit and knit, and to sit with a cat or three. So pleased you’re all moved in – sorting will happen when you feel like it!
    Michelle in a stormy Wellington, New Zealand


  2. kayT

    I never get tired of reading about other people’s moving adventures. Like the man said, “I love work; I can sit and look at it for hours.” And especially when it includes cat stories. I love Burton’s grumpy face; I have a cat who always looks grumpy too. Difference is, she IS grumpy. 🙂 I hope you get to sit down and knit or quilt or something, at least a little, every day .


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What wonderful progress is being made! I love reading about the progress you are making and seeing the changes you make. The cats are certainly settling in well (only two weeks I think) and the porch is perfect for sitting and relaxing.


  4. Oh, good that the cats are settling in at last! The sun porch is a good place to recharge! (battling the ‘dump’ problems could be chronic–keep on top of it is my advice from 45yrs of marriage!)


  5. I love your sunporch — and envy it! I had a great screened porch for 20 years, and I used it a lot during warm weather. Our new house has a deck, which is great for entertaining during Covid. Someday we hope to screen it in.


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