By the yard

With everything else going on, I’ve barely had a moment to even consider my yard and garden. All the plants I dug up from the townhouse were still sitting in pots. That wasn’t a problem when I first brought them, we were getting a lot of rain and they were doing well. But the last few weeks have been mostly dry, and the temps have been rising again. And I’ll admit, I hadn’t been watering them as much as I should, given the lack of rain.

I had to start getting them in the ground or risk losing them all together, and waste all that work I did digging them up in the first place!

My enormous to-do list wasn’t the only thing holding me back… I’ve been having a hard time deciding how I want to lay things out. But I decided it was better to just get things in the ground and healthy again .I can always move things around next year.

First, I tackled the day lilies and the oriental lilies. They went along the fence – easy peasy. Because they are mostly done blooming (with the exception of the Frans Hals daylilies you see there), so I’m not sure which ones are where. I’ll find out when they bloom next year!

Inside the catio fence was looking a little too much like a prison yard, so planted a good chunk of the other plants around the interior, along the fence line. Once they perk up and fill in a little, this will make the catio look a lot nicer!

I had seven strawberry plants, and I plunked them right down in the middle of the catio. Eventually, I want to build a nice raised bed, and have DOZENS of strawberries plants, but for now, the catio fence will keep them safe from bunnies. And the cats won’t mind them in there.

In the corner by the porch steps, I planted my special little Toad Lilies. There’s not a lot of shade in this yard, but this spot doesn’t get much sun until late afternoon, so my little toadies should do just fine here.

I still have to get my roses and irises in the ground, but they are faring a little better than other other plants, so they can wait a day or two more.

There’s just so much room to grow here. I can’t wait to start some seeds, and start dreaming about next spring!

7 thoughts on “By the yard

  1. Araignee

    The things I dug up from dad’s house are still in the buckets because that’s where they want to be. I tried putting them in the ground and they looked so unhappy I was afraid I would lose them so I put them back where they have been for almost 5 years now. I am glad you reminded me because I am going to have to call The Mister and tell him to water them. I forgot to tell him before I left to go house sit and we are headed for a hot dry spell too. I am sure all your things are going to thrive. You’ve got the knack. I wish I did. My mom had and it and my son has it but I sure don’t.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    The decisions you made about planting were great. I love the plants along the edge of the catio. You have so much ground area to work with and it is going to be awesome.


  3. I know lots of people have what they call transplant gardens, where they keep divided plants and starts a place to grow until they find a perfect spot! You are lucky your cats don’t eat plants!


  4. Atta girl. Just get them into the soil! You have years to move them. Some of them no doubt, will like where there feet go in. I just moved the potted roses off my porch. HEAVY, but they look so much happier and less COOKED than when they lived upstairs on the hot porch.


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