More mandala magic

Let’s take a break from from all my goings on to admire some more of Mom’s amazing quilting skills. A coworker asked her to make some mandala pillows for her daughters as they head off to university.

They aren’t done yet, but Mom sent me progress photos of them…

Can you believe that’s done with thread?

And check out the back…


7 thoughts on “More mandala magic

  1. Araignee

    Amazing is right! I can’t believe how quickly she mastered machine quilting. I’m still stuck on squiggles and even those aren’t very good. I know you are busy but one day you are going to have to go over there and do a post about how she makes all this magic. I would love to see her set up and technique. I am in awe. She’s better than any of the “professionals” I watch on You Tube.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Your Mom is definitely an artist with her long-arm quilting machine. What magic she works with her mandalas! The fabric is beautiful even before she starts quilting and then it becomes awesome.


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