Sunday puppers!

Yep – it’s puppy time again!!!.

On Monday, Dave and I finally got the Bonneville dropped off at the top shop (Everything went smoothly this time) and on the way home, I talked him into taking a little detour to check in on the puppies. (It was only about 15 minutes out of our way)

At the time of these pictures they were just over two weeks old. They’ve doubled in size from the last time I saw them. A couple of them are real little porkers.

Their eyes have opened, though I couldn’t get any decent pictures. They wiggle too much when they are awake!

Mom took this one and sent it to me. You can also get a better idea of their size here.

When I was visiting, they were mostly asleep.

And oh so cute. It’s very hard not to pick them up and squish them all.

Most of them have black foot pads, though this little yellow has multi-coloured toes. And this little black girl has one white toe (Apparantly Daddy dog, Hank, has one white toe too)

All but two have homes now, and I’m sure the other two won’t be far behind.

They love to sleep upside down, and on top of each other.

They really are the cutest little nuggets

It’s hard not to scoop them up and bring them all home!

They’d fit in a pocket so easily!

9 thoughts on “Sunday puppers!

  1. Betsy

    Oh my goodness. What sweet little puppies. I would be so tempted to take that last one home. The little tongue sticking out. So cute.


  2. You are so lucky to be around all that puppiness!! I wouldn’t leave them ever! Love your projects and your cat sign is ADORABLE!!! But, shouldn’t Burton be twice the size of Rupert? LOL


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