What it’shawl about

Moving can be a very expenvsive affair, especially when, like us, you have overlap of the two properties, and are doing renos at the same time. Add to that almost two months of $100-$200 a week in gas and road snacks going back and forth, and it’s going to be a few months until we dig out from under it all and get caught up to where thing are comfortable again.

As such, it’s going to be a 100% homemade Christmas. That’s not a problem – I have plenty of yarn and fabric to make that happen – but it does mean I need to get moving on those projects in my free time. (Of which there’s not a tonne these days either).

Back before the move, I dyed up three colours of Slinky Cat for one particular gift:

Cherry Blossom Wrapture by PDXKnitterati. I’m not usually a fan of garter stitch lace, but for some reason this one spoke to me.

I’m also not usually good with rectangular shawls. I find them endless and get bored really easy. But, I’m feeling the the log cabin construction of this one is going to be enough to keep me interested.

It starts with a pretty leafy centre. (You all know I love leaves!)

And then it’s built out with logs of contrasting colours.

After seeing my colours all together, I kinda wish I’d made the green a little darker. But can live with this.

Now that the centre is done, I’ll be working on one side at a time from here on out. I’m giving myself a deadline of mid-September. I’ve got a big list and a lot of things to make – and a house to reno! (Though I’m happy to say I got Dave’s studio drywall finished and primed on the weekend. Next weekend will be paint, then it’s just floors and that room will be wrapped with a bow!)

11 thoughts on “What it’shawl about

  1. I don’t usually think about Christmas during this time of year, however I was resaling on Saturday, and found a cute long-sleeved shirt that has a grey cat wearing a Santa hat and beard.
    It says, “Santa Claws is coming to town!”
    It was only $1.00, and it’s in purrfect condition.
    Guess I’ll be able to wear it on a Zoom meeting…


  2. betsythesimplelifeofaqueen

    That shawl is going to be lovely. We have the same issue this year. Moving and our trip made for a very expensive year for us. Plus, we’re having our bathroom floor & vanity replaced and the main bath completely redone. We bought vanities Friday. Tonight we’re planning to get the tub and shower surround. We’ll pick up the big vanity as soon as it arrives. Then all will be waiting for the contractor to start working.
    I’m knitting on Piper’s advent mini-stockings and then need to begin other gifts. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it. Jet lag is hanging on for some reason and I feel myself getting a cold or sinus thing too. Bleh.


  3. I love your colors!

    I made that first frame around the center block all the same color, before alternating the color logs.

    Don’t make your wrap as long as I made mine, if your recipient is petite! I just took off the ends of mine last week. I wanted to see how big it would get if I used *all* my yarn, but it was too big for me, and I love it too much to give it away. Now it’s perfect.

    Have fun!


  4. Araignee

    How lovely!!! Who doesn’t love a handmade gift….I hope no one because my family is getting socks and soap again this year. I haven’t been shopping since the pandemic started and since it’s still raging down here I’m not planning on doing any this year either.


  5. I certainly understand how expensive moving is! We had a bridge loan to cover the new house while we still owned the old one. We had some work done, but are holding out on a lot of it. For one thing, it’s hard find anyone to do the work!

    That shawl is going to be amazing!


  6. The work does give you a bit of a black hole for a while–you will get going and sell some quilts, etc and get in the black soon enough! Hang in there. The handmade gifts are treasures no duds so keep on knitting! This new shawl looks like fun–I agree about doing a long shawl–this one is intriguing!


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