The real garden, such as it is…

The garden plants are starting to recover from the move and being stuck in pots so long. But not suprisingly there’s not many flowers.

The Frans Hals and Stella D’Oro day lilies have managed to put up a few blooms.

The pink Speedwell (left) has put up one tiny little bloom spike, and the phsyostegia (right) is starting to bloom. I was only able to get a couple stems of this one out of the ground, but it should multiply nicely next year

My potted Hibiscus is very happy, and is giving me a big, golden bloom almost every other day. It didn’t fare well over the winter inside, and I thought I might have lost it – but it’s recovered beautifully.

The sedum is starting to turn pink, a sure sign that fall isn’t too far away.

And the neighbours on one side have a morning glory that’s grown up over the fence. I’m not usually out in the mornings to see it in bloom, but the other day I was up and out early and was treated to quite a show.

I love how the flowers almost seem to glow from within.

The old owners didn’t have much in the yard but some shrubs. There is this Spirea by the front porch. The flowers are pretty, but I really got to get in and clean the weeds and stuff out around it. I’m not 100% sure I’m going to keep it, but she can stay for now.

On the other side of the front of the house, there’s also a large holly bush. The berries are just starting to turn red. I really want to keep this one, but it’s so overgrown and out of control right now. I really need to hack it back and I’m not sure how it will survive if I do.

But those are all decisions for later down the road. There’s lots on my plate to keep me too busy to worry much about the yard beyond keeping it tidy.

… I did get this picture from old neighbour Krista the other day.

The unit we lived in is still empty, so she and other old neighbour Blake (he lived in the unit beside us and we often gardened together – I miss him already) went in the yard and raided my old blackberry bushes. I knew it would be a good harvest this year!

The kale and peppers on the plate are from Blake’s garden. Like me, he had his back, front and side yards full of gardens.

Next year my dear yard… next year!

9 thoughts on “The real garden, such as it is…

  1. Shirley Elliott

    I think your plants have been amazing. They survived the trauma of moving and will just flourish. I would think most of their energy went to adjusting to being moved so any blooms are a bonus. I can almost taste those blackberries.


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