Friday felines

Can you believe it’s been almost a month since the big move? I can’t. Time really does fly.

I’m happy to say (and you can probably tell from the pictures I’ve posted) that the cats have adapted beautifully to the new house.

Burton, as we expected, was the most chill about the whole thing. After about a day, and he realized he wasn’t going to be put back in the carrier, he dedicated himself to exploring every inch of his new space. And compared to the townhouse, this place has A LOT of inches. And of course, he was absolutely THRILLED when he discovered he could go outside without a harness, and whenever he wanted.

Though the days have mostly been crazy hot – so more often than not, he’s chilling under the stairs from the porch, or on the porch itself. But as soon as the sun starts to set, he’s out in the yard chasing bugs. I usually have to go out around 10 with a flashlight (there’s no lights in the yard yet and this town is DARK at night!) to bring him in.

Relic was the one we were most worried about. How would he adapt from being completely free range to having his territory confined.

It took him a touch longer than brave Burt, but he’s doing just fine. Every once in a while, I’ll see him pull at the catio fence. He knows there’s a whole world beyond it, but mostly he’s fine as long as he can at least get outside.

Like Burton, he’s quite pleased about the cat door.

The pair of them are in and out all day long. Though if you’re standing near the door, and Relic is on the other side of it, he’ll still meow, expecting you to open it for him.

Now, I know you’re all wondering about Rupert.

He still spends 80% of the day in the bed. Which is pretty much what he did at the townhouse. But like Burton, he’s explored every inch of the house – usually at night when we’ve been sleeping. He does, however, still come down after dinner to sit with me until bed time.

He won’t come out to the catio unless I bring him… but it took him a long time to warm up to coming outside at the townhouse too. (And he’d get mad and want back in if you shut the door on him).

But when I do bring him out, after a minute to get over the indignity of being carried against his will, he settles right in and loves it just like the other two.

He does, however, LOVE the big windows this house has. Dave put the cat tree right in front of one of the living room windows, and if I can’t find Rupert in bed, 9 times out of 10, he’s hanging out on the tree, watching the weird new world outside the window. I’ve got to get a tall Shepherd’s hook so I can hang a bird feeder out there for him.

It’s hard to get decent pictures, because you aren’t allowed near him when he’s on the tree.

I managed to snap this one when I was outside working on the front yard.

I just love these boys!

13 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Oh Val, I love them too and I’ve never met them in “real” life! I love how each has it’s own distinct personality and likes and dislikes. I’m so happy they’ve settled in well to their new home. Maybe someday I’ll have my own cat again, but meanwhile I enjoy all of my friends kitties online.
    Blessings and hugs,


  2. Araignee

    If we didn’t live on such a steep incline I would seriously think of building a catio myself. I am so tired of worrying about the outdoor kitties. It would be so nice to keep them where I could always find them. Your boys don’t know how lucky they are.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    The cats certainly look like they have settled in and claimed their territory. It is wonderful that they have adjusted so quickly.


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