Itty bitty blooms

Now that we’ve got some more tolerable weather, I’ve been able to pay more attention to my yard. I still haven’t done too much beyond keeping it tidy, but I did go out and clean up all the dead stuff off the ones I transplanted from the townhouse.

As a reward, some of them are giving me new blooms!

Tickseed, Fancy Black-Eyed Susans, and Bellflower.

They aren’t many, but I’ll take all I can get!

The neighbours morning glory that is spilling over the fence is still going gangbusters. For some reason, the dark purple ones look like they have a portal to another dimension at their centre.

8 thoughts on “Itty bitty blooms

  1. Pretty. Our echinacea is finishing up, but the black-eyed susans are still going strong after a trim. One bunch was flattened by water off the roof in the mega storm, but it didn’t bother the flowers. LOL They are one tough bunch.


  2. Speaking of fIowers…….. I’m not going to send the coIumbine seeds after aII, VaI . So sorry. Some say not to send out of state. Some say they have to been packed just so or they wiII spoiI. You simpIy have to move here!!! and even Fireman admired your fIooring!


  3. Araignee

    How sweet the all are! I’ve been surprised to see so many things in bloom right now. I never noticed how many things pop out in early fall around here.


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