A room with a view

When Dave and I started seriously looking at houses, we made up a list of must-haves. It must have a garage, it must have at least three bedrooms (so we could each have an office/studio space), it must have a bathtub (not shower only, I need to soak!). It wasn’t really a big list, actually.

So we made a list of nice-to-haves too; things we wanted, but wouldn’t make us walk away from a house if it didn’t have it.

On my list was a window over the kitchen sink. It’s a silly little thing, but I’ve always loved the idea of a window over the kitchen sink. I don’t know why… I have a dishwasher. Even when I do wash dishes by hand (rare, because Dave usually does the few things we have to do), it doesn’t take very long – certainly not long enough to NEED a window for entertainment!

Still. I was thrilled when I saw that this house did indeed have a window over the kitchen sink (In fact, every house we bid on did!)

I even had a little lace curtain (previously on my powder room window) that fit perfectly on it!

Now one of Dave’s “nice-to-haves” was no neighbours. After living in townhouses for the last 15 years, he REALLY didn’t want to live near anyone else. We both wanted a house in the country. Obviously, that didn’t happen, though there is a full-driveway-width between us and the neighbours on each side so we aren’t right on top of each other . Still, he wasn’t exactly thrilled that this window looks out right over our neighbour’s back porch. He really didn’t like the fact that could see the neighbours while he washed up the occasional pot or two. He did not appreciate my pretty little lace curtains.

Since I believe, if a man is willing to do dishes in the first place, it’s best to keep him happy doing them. So I went stash diving.

I’ve mentioned before that, when we finally get to renovating the kitchen it will be a nice, warm yellow. With that in mind, I thought this cute little pale yellow chicken print would do just nicely.!

It was a clearance bin find, and I had more than enough to make a couple panels for the little window. Like my sewing studio curtains, I kept it simple.

Though the lace bin did yield up enough trim to add a little bit of whimsy.

There was enough to trim the edges, and make tie backs. And yes… I did use thumbtacks to hold these ones back too…

But they are yellow thumb tacks at least! And now, whenever Dave is doing dishes, he can easily close the curtains and looks at hens and chicks instead of neighbours!

10 thoughts on “A room with a view

  1. Good job! The curtains are adorable and a happy Dave is a bonus.

    I love my over-the-sink window too. I look out over the front garden and our parking area (no neighbors).


  2. Everyone of my homes in the last thirty years has had a window over the kitchen sink. I like the light as well as something to look at while doing dishes. I’m fortunate that even though my neighbor’s apartment is attached to mine, my front door faces an open field. I only see the neighbors when I open the garage door.


  3. Araignee

    They are sweet! I’m with Dave. Looking at neighbors is no fun. Our nice little neighborhood has changed generations in the past few years and all the new, young folk’s yards look like a dump site. I’m lucky I don’t have to look at them because I am down a long driveway but people coming to visit have to drive past the mess. In their defense, they all have a slew of kids and are trying to work full time jobs. My yard was probably a mess back in the day too.
    Also my kitchen sink window has been a real headache during the remodel. If I didn’t have that blankety blank window where it is I could have had my dream Ikea kitchen. Trying to fit a sink in exactly the right place for stock cabinets was terrible. I had to settle for what I could get with those measurements.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Your curtains are perfect! Every house I have owned has had a window over the sink. It would be on my list of must haves. You are getting so many projects completed.


  5. Curtain perfection! I love the sweet chickens and I’ll bet Dave likes them better than lacey curtains. Our first house had a medicine cabinet over the kitchen sink. It was 110 years old so maybe it was originally a bathroom? Who knows? I just know I stared at myself in the mirror while washing dishes! Our third house had no window or medicine cabinet. Just a wall. We’ve had three houses including this one and they all have had windows over the sink that looked into the back yard.I must say I prefer a window.


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