All caught up

Because the weather has been so nice, a lot of our knitting time has moved to the fresh air.

Whether on the porch out right out in the catio, we’ve been getting our stitches in!

I caught up on the two missing logs AND completed all eight logs for this week. I’m back on track and feeling good! And with the evenings cooling off, this is a nice bit of wool to have in the lap.

10 thoughts on “All caught up

  1. Araignee

    Please send some of that nice weather our way.. It’s been hot and humid again and if I don’t get outside I am going to lose it soon. Woke up to rain this morning….boo. And I usually love a good rainy day but now it just adds to the horrible humidity.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    How wonderful that you are having some cooler evening temperatures. It looks like you are wearing long sleeves. I cannot wait for cooler, less humid weather. The shawl is just beautiful and every row you add just makes it prettier.


  3. Hi Val, I have. the windows wide open today and baked cupcakes and banana bread and also made pickles. It’s great! I feel like your fur babies do on their catio. I’m enjoying it today because it’s supposed to be 90 tomorrow and 98 on Saturday. We have 20+ people showing up for Mom’s birthday bash on Saturday and I was so hopeful that we would be able to have doors and window open, but I don’t think with near 100 we’ll do that.
    I love the shawl and especially those colors. So pretty. Congrats on getting caught up with all you have to do.


  4. Patty Andrews

    Your shawl is moving along quite nicely. It’s good to see the boys enjoying their new property. Is Rupert feeling better about being in the Catio?


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