Mellow yellow

While my garden plants are starting to come back, I am definitely missing my roses. You might not think it, but September is generally a great time for roses. After the heat and the humidity of the summer, they love the warm days, but cool nights of early fall, and they always put on a good show.

But not this year of course. While they all have new leaves, I really don’t expect to see blooms on them this season. Which makes me very sad.

So I might have been especially vulnerable when I went grocery shopping and they had a display of mini-roses out front.

I’ve never actually had much luck with mini-roses, to be honest. But when I was a teen, the grandmother of my boyfriend at the time had a garden full of them. She told me never leave them in the pot, they do much better planted in the ground. So I’m giving it a try.

As you can see, I chose a nice pale yellow. I adore yellow roses. If this one winters well, there will be more next spring.

I can’t quite explain what made me add this big yellow mum to the cart though…

Other than its absolutely fabulous, and obviously, I LOVE yellow. Like the other mums I bought, these have been planted in the ground.

This is not where they will stay, but its good enough for now. The bushes of green on either side of the gate are also mums – my pair from the townhouse – one white, one burgundy. They are covered in buds and should start opening soon. It’s going to be quite the show then!

8 thoughts on “Mellow yellow

  1. Araignee

    Yellow roses are so pretty! I never thought about it but you are right. The roses in town are looking so much better in the cooler weather. Now if only that darn humidity would scram….


  2. I have never, ever had luck with miniature roses either. Until I planted one in the ground at the lake. I didn’t even think of bringing it with me since we were living in an RV park for the winter. Oh well. Maybe I’ll try again here but the deer seem to eat everything I plant besides marigolds.
    Those mums are going to be amazing. I’ll be waiting for photos!


  3. Beautiful roses! We have not had much luck with roses at our house. Growing up, we had beautiful bushes – red, pink and yellow. My Mom always had a rose bud in a little vase in the kitchen.


  4. I swear you have a green thumb! If I had moved plants from one house to another, they wouldn’t have survived. I have no doubt the miniature rose and the mums will thrive under your care.


  5. Shirley Elliott

    Those new plants just add such a happy jolt of color to your catio area. Your yard is very impressive for what you have done and how well your plants are doing in such a short time.


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