Colour me scrappy

At the beginning of October, I have a dentist appointment. It’s in the area we used to live – finding new doctors and dentists is on the to-do list.. it’s just not very high on the to-do list yet.

But instead of getting up super early, and driving two hours the morning of, I’m going to head to Mom’s and stay there for the weekend preceding. Then I can just get up that morning, head to the dentist, get my face drilled off, and then head home, easy peasy.

And of course, while I’m at Mom’s, I can do some quilting!!! I’ve already got two tops there, ready to quilt, but my pinwheel top was so close to being finished, I thought why not get it out of the way too. Especially as I really have to get moving on my Christmas sewing!

So… I got to it.

As I mentioned several posts back, I didn’t quite have room for a design wall, so I’m still using my design bed.

Apparently Burton was using it too, but I managed to work around him and get it done.

These blocks were an exercise in combining colours for me, and I think it went very well. I was a little stumped on what to use for the sashing, but in the end, the green was really the only thing in the stash that I had enough of, that wasn’t too busy for the blocks (it’s hard to see here, but it has a nice simple cross-hatched print). As soon as I got it on, I knew I wanted something simple, with a white background for the final border.

This big polka dot print was leftover from the back of the parrot quilt, and it couldn’t be more perfect if I tried!

The top finished up at about 60″ square, and I’m hoping I have enough of this fun floral print for the back.

I think it’s going to be close but I’m going to give it a try. And I’ll be using more of that green for the binding. It will be few more weeks until you see this finished, but rest assured, as soon as I get to Mom’s I’m going to be a quilting fiend!

10 thoughts on “Colour me scrappy

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Love those pinwheels and the fabrics you have used. They are so perfect and it is going to be an awesome quilt. As soon as I put blocks out on my design floor, it magically alerts one of the cats to come help.


  2. ugh the dentist won’t be happy when I fina11y go to one. I chipped a tooth in back at the beginning of Covid and it has not hurt. I keep it meticuiousiy c1ean. Sti11 they wont be pieased.
    As for po1ka dots…..I think that is the BEST backround!


  3. We have found new doctors, just using Mom’s, but still have to find a dentist. Her’s is about 85 years old and I didn’t like him 40 years ago!
    Love the pinwheels and the polka dots are perfect with it. I’m behind again on blogs. I forgot how much work a puppy is and we also had a birthday party for Mom’s birthday on Saturday. It’s a LOT of work!


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