Taking the lead

It’s been quite a while since I showed you anything of my latest Leader Ender project, but rest assured, it’s been coming along steadily as I’ve worked on my other projects.

My little basket of snowballed sashing bits was starting to get full, so I decided to pull our some five inch scraps and start assembling them into blocks. I know I won’t have enough, and will have to go back to snowballing more, but I wanted to get a sense of how they would all come together, and how many I’d need in total.

Each block takes two snowballed sashing strips, one 5 inch square, and one black cornerstone.

This is all still being done as Leaders and Enders, and I managed to get quite a few done so far.

And as Relic is demonstrating, once laid out together, they create pretty solid black stars amidst all that scrappy goodness.

I don’t have quite as many 5 inch squares as I thought I did, so when I’m at Mom’s I’m going to raid her scrap bin and see if I can add in a little more variety (I have a LOT of reds and blues, but I’d like some more colour diversity).

7 thoughts on “Taking the lead

  1. Araignee

    That looks fun! I never realized how hard it is to make a scrappy quilt until I started working on this one for Dad’s friend’s daughter. It is making me crazy trying to get a good balance of color. You need A LOT of scraps.


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