Fun with friends

Many of you are familiar with my best friend Samantha. Samantha and I have been friends since I was about 12 (so about 30 years now!). We usually only see each a couple times a year (we’ve always lived at least an hour away from each other), but COVID really put a wrench in our plans. Since 2019, we’ve only seen each other once – not long after we took possesion of the house.

Samantha’s husband is an electrician, and before we got too far on doing stuff with the house, he came out to inspect everything for us, and make sure there was nothing unsafe. During that visit, he and Dave decided we needed a breaker panel instead of fuses.

And on Saturday, the pair returned to install the panel! So while the boys toiled away in our dark dingy basement, Samantha and I enjoyed the sun. She brought me a new little ivy in the prettiest pot.

She brought Dave a new little friend!

He’s in a vase on the kitchen shelf for now, but Dave dug out our HUGE fish bowl, and I just have to clean it. Then he’ll be moving to Dave’s music studio. Dave has named him Sid Fishous.

We went through my house plant collection, and anything that could be split up up, was. Then it was repotted and put in a box for her to take home.

When that was done, we settled in for a little bit of knitting time. (She was working on a cowl, I was working on my socks.)

And when the boys were done, I fired up the bbq and made us all dinner.

It was a wonderful day – and I’m happy to say, there’s still some electrical work to be done, so they will be back soon!

8 thoughts on “Fun with friends

  1. Araignee

    I must be so nice to have a knitting friend. I hated my job and couldn’t wait to retire but I miss my knitting lunches with all my knitting friends at work. I was just looking at posts from our old knit nights with beer. Good times.


  2. It sounds like a perfect day. I love that flowerpot Samantha brought you and the fish looks just like one one and only fish I ever had. His name was Fred and he lived almost 5 years! He knew my voice when I walked in the room and would swim over to as close as he could get to me!
    I hope you have another lovely day like that really soon.


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