FO: Cherry Blossom Wrapture

I’m very happy to say, last Friday night, just before bed, I was casting off the last log of the wrap.

The next day I set about soaking and blocking it first thing. At the townhouse, I used to block in the basement where it wouldn’t be in the way and the cats couldn’t get to it. Here, the basement isn’t suitable for blocking.

I was tempted to try blocking outside – we have a nice HUGE concrete drive out back to lay things on in the sun, but… it was a cold and rainy weekend. Plus a certain someone stole my blocking mats to pad the washing machine so it wouldn’t rub the wall when it was in spin mode. They are just those cheap foam interlocking squares, and he’s promised to replace them but hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

So I had to get creative

I wasn’t going to be using the sewing studio for a while, and there was just enough floor space to lay it out.

A couple towels stood in nicely for my mats. Because it’s all garter stitch, I didn’t bother with pinning – just laid it out as straight as I could.

The yarn is a silk blend (Slinky Cat), so it’s going to do what it wants to anyway. The blocking was mostly just to help open up the lacey bits.

After it was dry, I secured and trimmed the eleventy billion ends.

It looks much better spread out on the grass than my studio floor.

A few of you asked me how long it was, and it finished up at about 80″ long. Just perfect to wrap around the shoulders.

Of course, it’s difficult to get decent pictures of it on myself, so I brought out my bust form to model it.

She does a much better job.

Pattern: Cherry Blossom Wrapture

Yarn: Slinky Cat in Lilac, Vintage and Leafhopper.

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