Flower Power

The final blocks for the Spring Brook Bloom QAL were posted and I wasted no time putting them together.

On the facebook group, another quilter added the cutest little bee block to her layout. I loved the idea, but didn’t want to copy exactly, so I opted for a butterfly instead.

This was a block from another Summer QAL. I wasn’t able to participate, but I saved the blocks. I made the 6″ version, and then bordered it out to 10 inches, so it will work with the layout of the flowers.

I was hoping to be able to get the top together before heading to Mom’s but it’s not going to happen. That’s ok – there’s no rush for this one.

11 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Hi Va1. I dont know if I commented on your sock cuff. I think the coIor is pretty . As for the qui1t, I think it is magic the way you put them together. Magic because I don’t sew. It seems you crank out these beautifu1 quiits! Hope the joy of the new house is sinking in


  2. Shirley Elliott

    So creative to add the butterfly! Those blocks are beautiful! I love how they look totally different because of the color contrast. What an awesome quilt that is going to be.


  3. Araignee

    I love those flower blocks! My great grandmother made me a butterfly quilt when I was a kid that I loved literally to death. I wish I had a photo of it so I could figure out how she made it but I could never find any.


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