FO: Ahoy Matey

The first quilt I tackled on the weekend was that cute little nautical one. I went with it first because it was the smallest, and Mom already had the machine loaded up with the right colour thread.

As usual, I just did a basic meander and let the fabric shine in this one. I leave the fancy quilting to Mom!

There’s some really adorable fabrics in here. Including whales with pirate hats and eye patches. I still can’t get over them. They are just too cute.

The backing fabric is a more subtle, abstract whale print (which is also used in the centre block and secondary patterns on the front.

This one isn’t going in the shop just yet, as it may already have a buyer. She’s just trying to decide between a couple we have available. If it doesn’t make the cut, it will end up in the shop.

10 thoughts on “FO: Ahoy Matey

  1. Shirley Elliott

    That is a beautiful quilt! Such happy fabrics. And I’m pretty sure there are more quilts that you will be posting as a result of your quilting weekend. A real treat.


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