FO: High Seas Baby

I spent the weekend at Mom’s and banged out the quilt tops I had piled up since November. It was just three small baby ones, but it feels good to have them finished.

First up is High Seas Baby

This one came from a desire to use up the rest of the prints from Ahoy Matey. I didn’t have quite enough to do the pattern, so I scrounged the stash and was able to add in a few more prints that worked (leftover from other quilts)

You all know how much I LOVE that crab fabric! This quilt pretty much used up the last of it (though I think there’s some in my scrap bins still) I was also able to use some fun seagull fabric as well as a few random red patterns.

You may recall that I was going to use some Whale flannel for the back. But then I came across these anchors….

They were flannel too, and just too perfect to pass up. But don’t worry, the whales will find a home on another project (already in the works).

But for now, this one is in the shop, and I’ve got two more to show… but that will wait until tomorrow.

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