Burton’s got a new BFF

It’s only natural to think that Burton’s BFF might be Relic, or even Rupert. But while he gets along with them, I can tell you, they aren’t besties.

Burton’s bestie is a lot smaller, and less furry.

I kid you not. It’s Mr. Toad.

Don’t believe me?

Now this not the the same toad from under the recycling bin. (I compared warts between my pics), but he’s close in size.

At first, I was worried that Burton had hurt Mr. Toad, and that’s why he wasn’t hopping away. But I checked him all over, and moved him away from Burton. He could hop just fine, and in fact, hopped right back to Burton under the mulberry bush (which is where I took these pictures.)

Mr. Toad was just hanging with our little Lord Burton, gobbling up every bug that crossed his path (and there were a lot of bug – potato bugs seem to be a favourite). I sat there for about half and hour, just watching the two of them.

I hope I get more chances to watch their friendship grow.

13 thoughts on “Burton’s got a new BFF

  1. Patty Andrews

    Incredible! Who would ever thought a cat and toad would be friends! It’s amazing Burton doesn’t even whap at him. My cats would not have been so nice. Burton is a true nature lover!


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