Everything toads

I haven’t seen Burton’s toad since the day I took those pictures… but there’s no shortage of toads around here!

This big whomper of a guy greeted Dave and I when we got home one rainy night last week.

Dave laughed at me, because I immediately took my phone out to take pictures.

But isn’t he a beauty? He’s the biggest one I’ve seen so far. And with all the crickets we have, I understand why he’s so well-fed.

But it’s not just warty toads we have. We also have beautiful toads…

Remember my Toad Lilies?

I brought them with me from the townhouse. According to the place I bought them from, they prefer mostly shade. At the townhouse, I had them in the front garden. I usually got five or six blooms every year.

When we moved here, I was a little worried about them. The only place I had to put them (by the steps inside the catio) got half a days worth of sun. At first, it seemed like they weren’t going to make it. But then they bounced back… with a vengence!

At the townhouse, each plant usually had two or three buds. Now as you can see, each little plant is COVERED in them!

I was supposed to have four different types, though only two ever bloomed at the townhouse. So far, it’s just the common spotted purple one (Purple Beauty) blooming here.

But they are just lovely! They will bloom right until we get a hard frost, so I look forward to many more blooms to come. Definitely one of my favourite fall flowers.

7 thoughts on “Everything toads

  1. That is one BIG toad! I hope Burton’s friend is okay too. I have never heard of toad lilies before either. How wonderful that they’re doing so well at the new house. It was 39F here last night. I think a hard frost isn’t far off.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    You are settling into your new place so quickly. I think your yard/gardens are going to be spectacular next year. What a great start you have made in such a short period of time.


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