FO: Elphaba

First – thanks for the Anniversary wishes. We didn’t get up to too much trouble – Saturday, we laid the floor in the living room (yay!!!) so come our actual anniversary, neither of us was in any shape to do anything wild. We went to Home Depot, Walmart, and got lunch at Dairy Queen – that was more than enough excitement for the day!

Now, onto knitting…

With Rowan’s Christmas mitts off the needles, it was time to start a pair for her sister. Since Rowan got Glinda, it seem only appropriate that I make Paisley a pair of Elphaba.

As with Rowan’s I made Paisley’s in Knit Picks Felici. The colour is Punch Bug – a yarn I ordered with Paisley in mind. The colours are slightly more muted than the picture shows.

Like Glinda, Elphaba knits up pretty darn quick, making it great for gift knitting . I had the first one done in a couple of long evenings, and the second one didn’t take much longer.

Because of the tight chevron pattern, it has more stitches than Glinda, and it took almost one whole ball to make the pair. But still – that leaves me with a whole ball to make myself some anklets… sometime after Christmas, of course!

8 thoughts on “FO: Elphaba

  1. Those mitts are gorgeous. I think I’m going to make a pair for my 16 year old granddaughter for Christmas too.
    I had to laugh at your trip to Home Depot on your anniversary. When we went to Mandy’s yesterday we had to drive past both Lowes and Home Depot. Dennis asked me if I was sure we didn’t need to stop! That’s one of the first times since we moved here that we haven’t stopped when driving past either store. When you move there is always something you need from one of those two stores. Glad you went to Dairy Queen though. Great decision. 🙂


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