Today, Dave and I mark 19 years together on this journey of life…

After such a long time, you think you might know everything about your partner. But I think one of the strengths of our relationship is that we are still able to surprise each other now and then.

For example:

A little while back, we had to patch a little bit of concrete. It’s normally the kind of thing Dave would do by himself, but as I’ve mentioned before, if the job requires being on your knees, I tend to get drafted in. So he mixed and dumped, and I knelt and got everything spread out nice and even.

When we were finished, I told him we had to sign it. He said “No. It’s just a patch. You’re not going to sign it. You’re not going to put the cat’s paws in it… you’re just going to leave it alone and let it set!”

And you’d think… after those 19 years… he’d know by now that I don’t take orders well. Suggestions I may listen to, but never orders…

I think he’s just lucky I didn’t go grab a cat…

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