October in bloom

We’re closing in on the end of October, but there’s still lots of colour around here. And I’m not talking about fall colour….

The mums I brought from the townhouse hit their peak last week (when I took these pics). They are just starting to fade, so I expect that they will stay pretty colourful until the end of the month.

The neighbour’s Morning Glories are still peeking over the fence and still providing a few blooms here and there.

There are still a few strawberries, though they are small and probably won’t ripen before the frost. The Tickseed still throws up a bloom here and there.

Each of the new Butterfly Bushes has put up a small, but beautiful bloom stem. All three have really grown since I put them in so I expect good things next year.

And last… the lawn is just full of wild violets.. they don’t really get a chance to bloom because of the lawn mower….

But this little guy managed to stay low enough to evade the mower blades. It makes me wish I didn’t have to keep th grass short.. I’d love to see more of these little guys! (even though if left unchecked, they totally take over!)

Anything still blooming in your yard?

10 thoughts on “October in bloom

  1. Araignee

    I can’t believe you still have violets. Ours show up in early spring before mowing time and the yard is a purple paradise for about a week.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Great color in your yard/garden. Mums are so colorful here and the leaves on the trees are starting to change color. It has been a beautiful fall thus far.


  3. jatshaw

    Nice flowers! You sure are right about violets; a long time ago I planted ONE plant, and now they are everywhere! Lots more leaves down today thanks to the wind, and we do enjoy seeing our beauty berries every fall.


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