Leading the way

I’m sewing every spare minute I can. It’s not enough in my opinion, but I hope to get more time once winter really sets in and there’s not as much to do around the house.

Still, with what little sewing I have been accomplishing, I’ve managed to sew up all the pieces I had for Leader/Ender blocks. It was time to lay them out and see how far they would get me.

I had a fair bit of help with that laying out.

He was so helpful, I wasn’t able to get one picture of them without his noble fluff-butt.

Still, I have 39 blocks in total so far (a couple are missing from this photo. But since I’d like this to be a decent sized lap-quilt, I need quite a few more.. at least 60 or more added to this lot.

So I’m back to snowballing scraps. This one is going to take a while.

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