Bringing the garden together

Dave continues to head off to his Grandma’s to help out every other weekend. Although I do miss him (he’s usually gone before I get up Friday morning, and returns mid Sunday), part of me really looks forward to some quiet time.

When the lockdowns began, Dave started teaching from home, through Zoom. And though things do seem to be improving, as he’s helping his grandma so much, he doesn’t feel comfortable going back to in-person yet. And that means we are both home ALL the time.

He is generally very good about leaving me to do my own thing, especially when I’m sewing, but there are always inevitable interruptions if he’s in the house.

So as soon as he left last weekend, I took the opportunity to really be able to focus and finally get the top of the Spring Brook Blossom top together.

I got it all laid out on the bed, and made sure there was a good balance in colour placement. I was a little disappointed to realize I was going to have to assemble this top in rows. I dislike trying to match up long seams, so I try to assemble tops in quadrants. That way, there’s only one really long seam when I bring two halves together.

If I hadn’t sewn the blooms to their leaves and stems, I would have been able to do quadrants, but I wasn’t thinking about final assembly when I was making the flowers… I just wanted to see those blocks come together!

Still – I powered through it. And it actually went together pretty well. It didn’t take terribly long for it all to come together.

My layout is just a little different than the suggestion by the designer. Mine is not quite as balance (I have more white space on top than bottom) but of course I also added that cute little butterfly too.

I’ve been hanging onto a very special chunk of fabric for the backing.

That wonderfully wild floral was a clearance bin find, and as soon as I joined the sew-a-long, I knew it would be the back for my version. My scrap binding bin yielded up a faux scrappy-looking binding which I think will be just perfect to wrap it all up.

I’m hoping to sneak off to Mom’s this weekend and get it quilted! But I have to make sure I’m home in time for Hallowe’en!

9 thoughts on “Bringing the garden together

  1. Araignee

    That is a real beauty! Knowing Dave is home all the time impresses me even more with how much you get done. The Mister drives me up a wall pretty much all day. The only time I get any time for myself is when he takes a nap or when football is on. On the rare golf outing day I am so beside myself with joy I never seem to get anything done.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Oh, that quilt is just awesome! I love the placement you created. The center of each of the flowers is just so perfect and the colors shout happy. Your wild floral fabric is certainly perfect for backing this quilt. It’s a show stopper for sure.


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