Back to Dad’s sock

With all the fingerless mitts off the needles, it was time to turn my attention back to Dad’s birthday socks. So turn my attention, I did.

Now I know what you’re thinking…


b) Wait a minute… weren’t you using different yarn??? And a different pattern?

To address the first, I started these the minute the Cameron Mitts were off the needles, which was the morning of Oct 21. Still – that’s pretty good speed for giant man feet, I must admit. (Work has been relatively slow, leaving more time for stitching)

As for the second, I just wasn’t loving the combo of the Sock Ease with the cables. It was just too busy.

So I went stash diving and came up with this lovely, squishable skein of Bugga. It’s from the batch I dyed up before we moved. I don’t usually use fancy yarns for gifts, but Mom does Dad’s laundry so she knows how to wash/dry them properly.

I also decided to switch up the pattern. I love the look of cables, but I’m not so much a fan of actually executing them.

I found this pattern on Ravelry. It’s called Studmaster. It is mostly ribbing, but has some fun little mock cables (increases and decreases) down either side of the front.

I’ve already got a decent start on the second. I’m just hoping I have enough yarn. The skeins of Bugga were “seconds” some short on yardage, some with small flubs, some with both. Fingers crossed I can win this game of yarn chicken!

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