Hallowe’en is here!

I’ve got some tricks to share, but first, a little treat!

A few months back, Mom bought me a little present. A collection of fat quarters that I’d been lusting after since it came out in late summer

The collection is called “Kitty Corn” and I just fell in love with the colours, and those little retro kittens. It wasn’t your usual collection of Hallowe’en fabrics, and I was just smitten!

Well, when I ordered the extra fabric for the outhouse quilt, I needed to make that flat rate shipping fee worthwhile. While browsing the site, I came across a backing fabric that looked like it was a purrfect match, despite being made by a completely different company.

That’s always a gamble when buying online, because colours can look different. But then it arrived!

It was like they were made for each other! Obviously, I wasn’t able to get a quilt made in time for this Hallowe’en, but next year… come harvest season I’m going to have one purrfect little seasonal quilt!

Now onto the tricks. When we moved here, Dave decided we would have to go all out for Hallowe’en. Of course, with the ongoing renovations, I don’t really have “all-out” money, but I managed to scrape together a few things from a few discount places.

Enough to creep out the front steps, at least. Some cobwebs, a couple skull lanterns, a few skeleton specimens

We still had the styrofoam jack-o-lanterns neighbour Krista skillfully carved for us a few years ago.

I got Dave a big black cloak and some white make up – he’s going to be a vampire. I got myself the cutest pointed hat and a cauldron, and of course, we have oodles of candy!

We never got a lot of kids at the townhouse, but Dave thinks this is going to be a very pro-Hallowe’en town. I guess we’ll find out tonight!

9 thoughts on “Hallowe’en is here!

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What absolutely beautiful fabric!!! I look forward to seeing what you create using it. Your decorations look great and I hope you do have lots of kids stopping by for treats.


  2. Araignee

    We just had four trick or treaters show up! It was the first time in 5 years we’ve seen a single kid. We were over the moon and talked their parents ear off. Turns out they just sold and are moving to Utah in 2 weeks. Oh, well……
    Your house looks great! I am so sorry I didn’t put anything out this year but I had no idea anyone was coming. First time I haven’t decorated or put on my witch get up and wouldn’t you know-we got kids.
    Happy Halloween!


  3. Love that fabric, and you’re right. It’s all perfect together. You also did a bang up job decorating. It looks wonderfully scary.
    We had a grand total of zero, that’s right 0, trick or treaters tonight. I had 3 giant bags of candy! I can’t believe it. So disappointing. I always enjoy seeing the costumes.


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