Walkabout Wednesday

This week’s walkabout is a tiny bit of a cheat post…

It’s not what I see when out walking, but what the neighbours are seeing when they walk by MY house right now.

The weather this weekend was quite lovely, so I took advantage of the weather and got my house ready for Hallowe’en. You may recall that last year, I started a small collection of skeletons. Well this year I’ve added to it, and I’ve decided what my overall theme will be…

So now I can welcome you to my Garden of Bones!!!!!

It will grow each year as I continue to add more boney characters, but for now it’s all focused around the main walkway.

The driveway garden is filled with skellies of all sorts.

As you can see, the creatures are both real and mythical, as well as prehistoric… and some are things that don’t really have skeletons, but have been “skeletonized” none-the-less.

I particularly love this mermaid skeleton I was able to get this year.

On the other side of the walkway….

I got these fun, “ground-breaker” skeletons… basically just arms, legs and a head on spikes you can pose so they look like they come out of the ground.

On one side of the stairs, I’ve got a buzzard and armadillo (it just seemed like these two needed to stick together)…

and on the other, a pair of skeleton hands reach up from the beyond…

And when you finally get to the porch…

You’re greeted by this big guy! I’m so happy to had added a full-sized skeleton this year, and he won’t be the last one. I’m hoping to snap up a couple more after Hallowe’en on sale!

But he’s not all!

There’s also some bats flying about, an a couple of skull lanterns.

But it’s not all skeletons….

Every garden needs a couple garden gnomes… and if they are zombified, so much the better!

An naturally I need a black cat…

Or two…

Dad gave me the arched kitty last year, and I’ve had the sign since we were at the townhouse. I got it from the Dollar store, and it’s held up really well over the years.

I have some lights to put up still, but Dave and I are doing a Trunk or Treat event with the Bonneville,a couple days before Hallowe’en, and we are going to use them on the car.

I will also wait to put out my pumpkins – they are styrofoam, and we get a lot of wind, so they just blow around here.

Still, I’m thrilled with my spooky little corner…. and I can’t wait until candy night!

12 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. What a great display Val! This is wonderful and so much fun. I love the variety of skellys you have found!! Will you and Dave dress up when you do the Trunk or Treat?


  2. I bet little goblins and ghouls are loving your display!! There’s a house near us that does it up big each year, I love seeing what they add as the years go by. I decorate in the house, not outside, but maybe now Squish is here we will start doing a bit outside for her.


  3. Araignee

    That is quite the collection! We took Pup for a walk around Daughter’s neighborhood when we were there last week and saw lots of skelly friends in so many yards. Some people had GIANT ones-like a whole story of their house tall which totally creeped me out and made me wonder where the heck they keep them when they are not on display.


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