Yard work

Before the winter weather hits, it feels like there are eleventy billion little things we need to do around the yard. But of course, it’s been crazy rainy so doing any of them has been next to impossible.

But just after Hallowe’en we got a couple of sunny (if a little chilly) days, I put on my pretty pink wellies…

And got out there and got down to business. Ok… admittedly, Dave did most of it.

One of the things he tackled was our giant scrap pile. After we got rid of the dumpster this summer, anything we pulled out of the house pretty much just got piled at the back of the yard. Dave went through it and decided what could be salvaged and reused, and what needed to be cut up into manageable pieces so we can get rid of it easier. Then he got busy with the saw.

When we took down the greenhouse, there was a large work table in there. It needed a new top though, so Dave stripped off the old one and gave it a more useable surface. Together we moved it into the shed.

It’s not fancy, but it’s perfect for holding my pots, and soil and garden things.

Next up, he had a wooden frame that had been built onto the laundry room floor as a riser under the washer and dryer for some reason we can’t fathom. We didn’t need it there, so Dave took it out.

He thought it might make good shelving for the shed, but I had a better idea. I desperately needed to get my spring bulbs in the ground or they were going to rot. I don’t really have a garden ready for them yet – I needed some sort of temporary space. So I tipped it on it’s side and filled it with soil.

Happily, most of my bulbs were in very good shape despite spending all summer in paper bags in a box in the shed. I only had to toss a couple. After everything was planted, Dave had the brilliant idea of using some leftover catio fencing to help keep the squirrels from feasting on them all

Come spring, I’ll have crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips galore!

And last… I think I’ve mentioned that we plan to put up a clothesline. There is a clothesline pole at the back of the yard, but accessing requires trimming several trees. We won’t be able to do that for a while, so I picked up an inexpensive retractable line at the hardware store. Dave kindly installed it so I can string it between the garage and the fence.

It’s enough room for two loads of laundy, I promptly put it to good use!

There’s still plenty to do out there before the snow flies, but it feels good to have these few things accomplished!

9 thoughts on “Yard work

  1. You two are definitely busy bees. I miss my clothesline that I had in Spokane. It was a retractable one like yours and it worked great. Mine was an antique found at a garage sale. It was still in it’s orginal box from 1953! I’m still kicking myself for forgetting to remove it and bring it with us.
    Your projects are all brilliant. Love the bulb planter!


  2. Araignee

    I would kill for a clothesline but everything here just gets covered in tree sap. I love the idea for the bulbs. We did that one year and put screen underneath so the moles wouldn’t get the bulbs. I wanted to do some planting this year as my bulbs seem to have disappeared but there is just too much going on right now to get to it.


  3. Clever solution for your bulbs – giving them a temporary home will give you time to properly prepare for a permanent spot. I had a similar clothesline at my house and I loved it.


  4. Genius for the bulb plot!!!

    One thing they might have used the riser for is IF your basement gets wet ever. They may have had a dampness problem at one time or another.

    But, your use of the riser is much more fun.


    1. The laundry is on the main floor. It doesn’t make any sense, but there’s just a lot of weird, built-in things in this house. Someone really liked to play with hammer and nails! We are probably going to spend a decade getting things right! Lol.



  5. jatshaw

    Looks like you have a really nice yard; I sure know what you mean about squeezing in the work between raindrops! Great idea for the bulbs; apparently they are very tasty! Those little critters make short work of them if they are planted in pots!


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