FO: Where the wild flowers are

As I was hoping, I was able to sneak off to Mom’s for a couple days before Hallowe’en to do a little quilting. The priority was quilting a couple of baby quilts (those posts will come soon), but I was also hoping to have time to quilt my Spring Brook Blossom quilt.

And happily, I did!

Finishing up at about 54″ x 72″ it’s a great size for a lap quilt. And it was so much fun to pull all the different fabrics together for a fun, scrappy look.

Although the pattern didn’t call for it, I love the addition of the little butterfly block.

It’s a fun little block, and I’m sure you’ll see it in my quilting again at some point. And you may notice something in amongst my usual little loops there… little loopy daisies here and there! This one had a lot of open space and I felt it just needed something extra

And speaking of extra…

Check out this wild backing fabric! It’s just over the top and I love it! I have a nice big chunk of it left too, so you’ll see it again in another project!

But for now, this one is in the shop, awaiting a new home… maybe it belongs in yours!

8 thoughts on “FO: Where the wild flowers are

  1. Araignee

    Whoa….that backing was a surprise! It’s perfect for such a happy quilt. I love your little loops! I need to graduate to something better but it’s just so hard to drag that material around the machine bed. I need to try one of those slider things as much as I hate to spend the money.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    That is just the most beautiful quilt!!! As I was looking at the photos, I thought you had done some custom quilting. The daisy is just perfect. The fabrics are awesome and the quilt just screams happy. Looking at it is almost like standing in a flower garden. It would be a hard one for me to sell.


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