Sit back and relax

It feels like the livingroom has been painted for AGES, and I’ve been dying to show you pictures. But I’ve had to wait for Dave to do a million little piddly things before he’d left me move the furniture in. We are almost there, and I hope to have an update for you soon

Until then, here’s a little side story

We go into Strathroy pretty regularly. It’s the closest city, and has almost all the big stores we need for the renovation. On the way in, there’s a little furniture store. A few times, they’ve had furniture by the side of the road with “free” signs on it. Every time we’ve looked, the furniture, usually arm chairs and loveseats, have been in fairly rough condition… I think they might have a removal service for their customers or something.

Last week, we were heading in to go to Canadian Tire, and Dave noticed they had a couch and chair with free signs on them. I was already driving past, but we decided to take a look on our way back. I’m so glad we did!

It’s hard to tell here, but it’s a dark olive green – a perfect match for the green in my floral couch. And it’s in pretty much perfect condition. Honestly, I’m wondering if it was a floor sample or something – it doesn’t look like it was used at all (the faint dust marks on it are from us bringing it in the house.). Not only does it recline, it rocks.

The couch was the same style and material but in a light beige. And if it would have fit in Dory, we would have taken it too. My trailer currently has a bum wheel, otherwise, we would have come right home and hooked up the trailer and hoped it was still there when we got back. I’m guessing it got a good home though!

This fabulous find meant that I could FINALLY get rid of the futon. Don’t get me wrong, the futon has done me well – Mom and Dad bought it for their basement in about 2003. They let me take it when I moved into the Beamsville townhouse in 2007 so I had a couch, and it’s been with me ever since. It’s on its third mattress, and now the frame is starting to reach the end of its life. It’s time to let it go.

The recliner is perfect for me, because it still allows me to stretch out when I need to. Of course, the minute it was brought in the house, someone decided it must be for him!

I’m pretty much fighting him for it every day now!

8 thoughts on “Sit back and relax

  1. Araignee

    Great find! I love that kind of recliner. Dad had one and I used to sleep in it when I would go over and take care of him at night. I’m getting The Mister one was soon as we get this mess cleaned up. His back and hips don’t let him lay on a couch comfortably anymore. He really needs one.


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