Doggone it!

I’ve been making such good progress with my Christmas list that I decided to add another project.

Earlier this year, I bought this panel with my Dad in mind.

I thought it would make a nice lap quilt for him and Jem. Like my brother’s outhouse quilt, I had to do a little planning for this one.

Also like my brother’s quilt, I decided to cut the panel up. Then I made a few blocks to go with it.

I absolutely adore these little bone blocks – though I’m not sure Burton feels the same way. He’d much prefer a cat quilt, I’m sure.

These blocks, and a few of the pieces of the panel will create a border around….

Well NOT around BURTON!! Geeeee cat! Not everything is about you!

They will go around the biggest part of the panel – though I need to size it up a bit before I sew the blocks around it. After that, there will be another border with some paw blocks. And, if all my math works out, it should be a decent sized lap quilt!

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