Sock progress

I was hoping to be further along with these socks, but work has been pretty darn busy lately.

Usually, I have time to do little things around the house while I wait for colleagues to send me what I need to do my job. But work has kept me hopping from log-on to log-off. That means I’ve been doing all those little things in the evenings, and on the weekend when I’d normally have time to sit and knit.

Still… I’m closing in on the toe, and it’s the only Christmas present I have left to knit. I’ve got time.

9 thoughts on “Sock progress

  1. That’s an awful pretty sock. I sure understand your work situation. My work has been crazy busy and I’m not able to do much else during the day! Very irritating!!


  2. Don’t you hate it when work takes over? 🙂 Those are really pretty socks. I have one sock and a half of one to do for Christmas. I set it aside for right now because I just found out that the Open Door Mission needs things desperately this year. Not as many donations because so many aren’t working. But there are help wanted signs everywhere. It’s wierd.


  3. Araignee

    If anyone can make it-you can! Sorry to hear about work being a bummer. Everyone seems to be saying that right now. Poor SIL had to fly to Florida for a week to meetings and after being used to being home all day he’s not happy at all.


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