We’ve got a runner…

This technically should be an FO post, but it’s not really my FO.

When I was at Mom’s I mentioned that I needed to make a couple runners for the tops of our antique radios. She kindly offered up some of her practice pieces from some of her first free-motion quilting classes. They just needed some binding but we made short work of that.

I should have taken pictures of them before I put them on top of the radios, but I’m too lazy to move everything again, so this will have to do.

That will help keep the dust down!

Since she had quite a few, I snagged a third one for the cat’s spot on the plant stand.

The cats like to sit here in the morning and watch the birds at the feeder. This will make it a little more cozy for them.

7 thoughts on “We’ve got a runner…

  1. Araignee

    Brilliant! I was looking on ebay the other day at vintage radios. Wowza…they are worth a small fortune. Definitely out of my price range.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    The runners are beautiful! That is such a great way to use your Mom’s practice pieces which are to pretty not to be enjoyed. Sure the cats will love the one added to their shelf among the plants.


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