I am the answer…

… to life, the universe, and everything!

Yes dear readers, today, I turn 42!!!

(If you don’t get that reference, watch or read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

This is the face of 42-year-old me. Still in braided pigtails and probably will be until I’m 102. Normally, this is the part where I say I don’t feel 42… but this past year… that all depends on the day.

Working on this house has certainly reminded me of my age. I can still do all the things… I just know I’ve done them for at least a day or two afterwards. Especially after laying a floor!

And endless video conferences for work are reminding me that my face isn’t quite as youthful as it once was, even though it totally doesn’t look that bad in the mirror. (Seriously, all the technology we have an no one can put a decent camera in a computer????)

But still, I’ve had a pretty darn good 42 years so far. I haven’t done all the things that I thought I’d do, but if I died tomorrow, I’d have no real regrets. And I wouldn’t trade that for a stronger body or a prettier face.

Today I am in search of a decent birthday cake (our go-to grocery bakery doesn’t exist out here, so I have to put the local store to the test…wish me luck). We might try out a Chinese food place one town over (all the others we’ve tried since moving have been disappointing… I might kill for some decent egg rolls). I plan to do some sewing, as I haven’t touched the machine since finishing the tops on the three gift quilts. And I’m going to hang with my four favourite guys… Dave, Burton, Rupert and Relic. Sounds like the perfect birthday to me!

16 thoughts on “I am the answer…

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Happy Birthday! I does sound like a good birthday and I’m hoping you find a good Chinese restaurant and an acceptable birthday cake. You certainly do not look your age! The earrings are perfect with the pigtails.


  2. Elizabeth

    Happy, happy birthday!! My 42nd birthday is a long distant memory… so I am enjoying you enjoying *your* 42nd birthday– and sending wishes for many more happy, healthy years!!


  3. Araignee

    I was just explaining the 42 thing to The Mister the other night. Whenever anyone asks me a question I can’t answer I say 42. 42 does look good on you. Sigh…..I’d like to be 42 again and know what I know now. I would have had a lot more fun.


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