Road prizes

You all know how I love my free road scores… cool things found on the side of the road.

Facebook Marketplace has changed the game a little… because now I don’t have to just chance upon things. People put them on the side of the road and the advertise that they are there! So I can find road scores from the comfort of my living room.

Last weekend, I was scrolling through the marketplace, and came across a post advertising free end tables on their front lawn. I’ve been looking for some decent end tables since we finished the living room, so you bet I hopped in Dory right away in the hopes of getting there before anyone else!

I gotta say, I do miss my old convertible, but nothing beats Dory for cargo space!!! Not only did I get the two end tables…

But also two nightstands!

As you can see, they are all in need of refinishing, but Dave and I love bringing old things back to life!

9 thoughts on “Road prizes

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