Scrap together

In addition to making bowl cozies, I also got a quilt top done on the weekend.

This one started with a bunch of leftover fabric that will look very familiar to you.

After finishing Ahoy Matey, I cut the rest of the fabric into 5 inch squares intending to make and Oh My Stars baby quilt with it. After they were all cut, I didn’t have quite enough (you need at least 56, though 64 or 72 is even better), so I went through the stash and scrap bins and came up with a few more prints to round it out.

As soon as I came across the yellow crab fabric, I knew it would be the stars.

I love this pattern, because it goes together easily. You really only need an afternoon.

It’s also proved very popular – every one I’ve made with this pattern has sold. And of course, it’s a great way to use up leftover fabrics. I’ve got a couple more cut and ready to go in different themes. The plan is to do another quilting weekend some time in January.

When I do, this one will end up with a fun flannel back, and some bold star binding!

8 thoughts on “Scrap together

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What a cheerful quilt! It is fun to see how the color/fabric for the stars impacts the appearance. I have only made one quilt using that pattern and need to experiment again.


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