Space man, oh space man…

When I showed you my last Oh My Stars quilt top, I mentioned that it’s a great pattern for leftovers. So much so, that I cut up the left over of my space prints to make another one.

I had two helpers with the layout this time! Once the fabrics were in place in the design bed, Rupert left to go do other cat things, but Burton was committed.

He stuck it out through the whole assembly.

And I think he’s pretty pleased with the result!

I’ve got some fun rocketship flannel for the back, and tiny stars for the binding. I’m hoping to head to Mom’s at the end of the month for a little quilt-a-thon. But that will all depend on COVID case counts. Omicron is just raging right now.

10 thoughts on “Space man, oh space man…

  1. Araignee

    My son, his wife and 1 year old all have Omicron up in Michigan. They all had Delta in September. Between this news and the new baby Grand that I can’t even go see right now I am a wreck with worry.


  2. Patty Andrews

    Love seeing your helpers. I always like to see Rupert. I rememberwhen you adopted him and he was such a small guy. He still is! That space quilt looks so fun!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    That is a beautiful quilt! Adding the black squares and borders gives it a totally different look and the gold stars just pop. Burton seems to spend most of his time with you. So sweet.


  4. That is a great quilt. Burton and Rupert outdid themselves and I’m glad that Lord Burton stayed to complete the job.
    Omicron is crazy bad here too. My niece who is in her early 40’s has been REALLY sick all week. She has been vacinated and had her booster. She was scheduled to get monoclunal anitbodies but when she got there they were out so she didn’t get them. Hearing from her how sick she is having taken all precautions scares me. I’m avoiding as many people as I can.


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