Stick a pin in it

While making the bowl cozies, I was doing something I don’t do often. I was using pins.

Despite the fact that I really don’t like using them, I have some really neat pins.

I still had them in the storage they came with (the cats in a little plastic box, and the unicorns on a plastic round. And honestly, it was a pain to pull them out and put them back. I needed some pin cushions!

I wanted something simple and I found this tutorial.

It’s super easy, and you only need four squares, and a button. It’s a great excuse to break into the “odd button” jar.

And just like the tutorial says, it only takes about five minutes to put them together!

I made one for each set…

And a third one for mom!

7 thoughts on “Stick a pin in it

  1. Araignee

    How sweet! Dad love making pin cushions from his quilting scraps. They really come in handy but I have to say my pins are not anywhere as cool as those.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    What wonderful pins you have collected. Those pincushions are so cute (and easy). I have some orphan four patch blocks that I am going to experiment with. Thank you for sharing.


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