A little something for myself…

To finish out the year, I’ve started a little something just for me.

The Hemlock Ring Blanket.

It’s been in my queue FOREVE. Not that I need a reason to make it, but now I actually have one.

My office is in the farthest corner of the house, and while it does get heat, it just doesn’t seem to be as warm as the rest of the place (which surprisingly isn’t too bad considering the state of the windows!). I’ve got lots of fingerless mitts to keep my hands warm while type; socks and mocs to keep my toes toasty; and an endless supply of warm cardigans and sweaters. But I don’t have much for my legs, and I find they can get a little chilled as I’m sitting there, working away.

I need something that’s big enough to drape over my lap, but not so big that it gets tangled in the wheels of my office chair. I think this us just the thing.

So far, I’ve been enjoying it immensely.

I’m using Alpaca With a Twist’s Highlander yarn. It’s an Alpaca/Wool/Microfiber/Rayon mix, and is quite nice to knit with. It has a very soft, silky feel, and that alpaca is going to be nice and warm! Mom gave me seven skeins of it a while back, and I think this is going to make good use of every last inch of it.

11 thoughts on “A little something for myself…

  1. Shirley Elliott

    That is a beautiful blanket and it should be so warm. What a great project to be making for yourself after much gift knitting and sewing. Love the color.


  2. That is a really pretty pattern and with that yarn it will be nice and cozy warm. You and your Mom find the best yarns and materials. The blankets that Dennis and I use in the family room at night are getting old. You’ve given me the idea that I may need to make new ones for us sometime before long.


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