FO: A present for Norman

This is Norman.

He was recently adopted by an old high school chum. He’s her first cat.

The boys and I decided we needed to send them a little care package. I’ve wrapped up a few favourite treats and toys, but Burton wanted to send him something extra special

So we dug into the flannel bin and whipped him up a little blankie he can call his own.

It’s in the mail now, and we are just waiting for it to arrive to hear if Norman likes it. We’re pretty sure he will

10 thoughts on “FO: A present for Norman

  1. Patty Andrews

    Norman looks so handsome! How exciting to have your very first cat. We were dog people but my son knew of a cat that need rescuing. She became the love of my life and I still miss her so much. The evil cancer took her from me. I now have three rescued cats who know how to make life interesting.
    Congrats to your friend on adopting an older cat (not a kitten). They need homes too. I’m sure you and your cats gave the bestest presents 🙂


  2. Araignee

    Wow….that is some crazy looking kitty. He looks like a character from Where the Wild Things Are. He’s going to love that blanket. I’ve got three kitties and a dog all sacked out on their blankets right now. If I don’t give them a blanket they will go find one which means they will pull down all the towels they can reach to plant their butts on.


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