Unicorn dreams

… or possibly nightmare.

On the last day of my Christmas vacation, I threw my back out. (I stubbornly insisted on putting the new car jack I’d bought Dave in the truck by myself). I should have spent the day chewing pain killers and chilling on the couch, but I really wanted to do some sewing.

I had collected some fun unicorn fabric, and had planned on making a disappearing nine patch with it. I had just enough of it to make a baby-sized quilt with it. But when I was cutting, I messed up my cuts. I wasn’t going to get enough squares for the pattern now. Sigh.

I decided to switch gears and decided I could make do with my favoured 8.5″ saw-toothed star. Everything seemed to go ok…. at first. I fussy cut the rest of the unicorn fabric for some centers, then I started doing eight-at-a-time HSTs for the star points.

It wasn’t until I started cutting those HSTs apart, that I realized I should have done geese for the star points. It’s not the end of the world, but it saves on time and makes a more accurate block (less seams). I didn’t have enough of the star point fabric to start over with geese, so I just had to deal with it.

Obviously, the back pain was interfering with my brain processes. I put together one star and called it a day

At least they are cute. It’s going to be one adorable quilt… but I’ll save it for a day with less brain fog!

12 thoughts on “Unicorn dreams

  1. jatshaw

    Back pain is not fun! Sure hope your back is feeling better today! (Pilates sure helped my back…knock on wood) Love that star; that quilt is going to be a keeper.


  2. I hope your back is much, much better now. A lot of us seem to know how miserable that can be. Regardless of your mishaps. That block is darling. I would have a very difficult time selling that one. So sweet. A little girl is going to love it. Both of our nieces begged for unicorn items from Santa this year and he came through for them. I didn’t know they made so much unicorn stuff for kids!
    Blessings and gentle hugs,


  3. Over the long holiday, my left knee began to ache like crazy.
    I put ice on it, wrapped it in warming stretchy bandages, and kept off my feet.
    Then, I took a pain pill, et voila!
    The relief from pain makes a difference, doesn’t it?


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