First FO of 2022: Koi pond socks

I still don’t have the needle for Hemlock Ring. I was a complete idiot and didn’t notice that it was being sent to my old address until it was delivered on tracking, and I realized it was delivered to the wrong house! Happily, former neighbour Krista came to the rescue and retrieved it for me! She’s holding on it until I can get down that way.

And it’s not like I don’t have enough projects to keep me busy….

I was so close to finishing the Koi Pond socks that it didn’t take long to get them on the blockers

Of all the people I make socks for… I think making socks for myself is my favourite. Not only do I get to keep the socks at the end of it… but I prefer shorter socks, and I have small, narrow feet. So making socks for myself is just so quick compared to making them for others!

This pair is nothing fancy – just a 2-2 rib. I let the yarn do all the work. And it’s such a great colour combo, it really doesn’t need anything complicated to shine.

And as much as I like making socks for myself, this will probably be the last pair I make for me for quite a while. My sock drawer is getting really hard to close – and I even tossed out some worn out pairs at the start of the year.

10 thoughts on “First FO of 2022: Koi pond socks

  1. You just need another drawer. Or a box. Or maybe a bunch of boxes!! LOL

    The socks look great. That pattern will feel so snugly with the ribbing. Just in time for the next cold blast heading this way.


  2. Araignee

    I have the same issue with my sock drawer. I take such good care of them that they never wear out and I have no room left. Not even for the pair I just finished. I also think I have saturated the family market. My gift box of socks was not met with much enthusiasm this year. Even so I just can’t stop making them. I have a giant bin of sock yarn that needs to be socks and I can’t stop making them.


  3. I’m so glad that your neighbor was able to rescue your needles and your socks are so pretty and happy looking. I have enjoyed having handmade socks although I don’t wear them much because I save them for “good”. How ridiculous. If I wear them out, I can just make more.
    Have a great Thursday Val.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Those are such beautiful socks! I just love the colors. While I don’t think you wear jeans, the first thing I thought of was they would look awesome with faded jeans. I think you should expand your sock storage and continue to treat yourself occasionally with knitting for yourself.


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