Friday felines

When I wrote my Christmas post, I completely forgot to share the gift I got for Mr. Relic.

Of course… it begins with a story.

Before we finished the living room, Relic would sit beside me on the futon every night. When the living room was finished, I switched to the road recliner. You’ve seen how that works out with all the cats.

And while Relic will occasionally put up with the other cats in his space, more often than not, he gets up and leaves. Then he lays on the floor and gives me sad face.

He really needed his own piece of furniture. I really want to get him something like this.

… but I can’t justify spending a few hundred dollars on a couch for the cat, when I have never spent that on a human couch (we’ve actually gotten all our living room furniture for free, or close to it… but that’s another story).

So instead, I got in an inexpensive dog bed from Walmart.

At first, it was hard to tell if he really liked it much or not. But eventually….

Of course. He still has to share it occasionally…

10 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Patty Andrews

    That was a good purchase! When my dog was still alive she had a large dog bed. Before you knew it all my cats were sleeping on it. I removed them so she could enjoy her own bed. Needless to say, my cats have multiple beds scattered around my living room but they wanted the dog bed! I’ll never understand cats.


  2. Araignee

    I can’t tell you how many pet beds I have bought and the cats still fight over them. I was just thinking of getting yet another last night but that’s just crazy. They each have their own but they always want the one the other cat is on. I know it’s just a power play between them but it’s annoying as hell when I am trying to watch something on TV and they are setting up for battle every night. I think I’ll just get a squirt bottle of water and run them all off instead.


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