You are my sunshine

I have a sunny little story for you on this fine Sunday… (at least I hope it’s fine where you are).

Dave and I have a bad habit of grabbing fast food whenever we run into town (which before Christmas seemed like every other day). One particular day, he really wanted a burger from Harvey’s, but I wasn’t terribly hungry, so I decided I’d just get a kid’s meal.

I completely forgot that kid’s meals come with toys! In this case it wasn’t a toy, but an “Activity Pot” – a little compressed soil disc, and some sunflower seeds.

You totally know I wasn’t going to just toss it! As soon as we got home, I soaked the disc in water, planted the seeds, and put it on my kitchen window.

There were five seeds, but only two sprouted. I’ve been diligently caring for them for a few weeks now, and the other day I decided I better get them in a bigger pot with some better soil soon, or they were going to wither.

I wasn’t wrong – those little roots were trying hard to escape the little pot.

Now they are repotted and happily hanging out with Baby Groot and the other plants under the grow light. Hopefully in a few more weeks, I’ll have to upgrade them to an even bigger pot!

And for bonus points… please enjoy this little ditty by one of my favourite bands:

14 thoughts on “You are my sunshine

  1. kayT

    How wonderful that the toy in your kid’s meal turned out to be perfect for you! I’m jealous. I bet MacDonald’s does not give seeds with their kids’ meals.


  2. Patty Andrews

    I’m surprised those seeds grew since they were free! You truly have a green thumb. Those seeds would have died on my watch!!!
    Loved this band and their rendition of this song. Thank you 🙂


  3. Araignee

    That is just so sweet! One of my HUGE pine trees out front came from a tiny seedling in a cup that oldest son brought home from school on Earth Day. Two of my little ones came home in a cup from a wedding and now they are about 5 feet tall. Never under estimate the power of the paper cup!


  4. PErfect toy for you!!!! What is the name of the succu1ent above the sunf1owers.
    I put some into a green ginger a1e bott1e with newspaper and some water. I capped it. We sha11 see if this terrarium of the most basic……..wi11 work.


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