Tiny needle Tuesday FO: Dragonfly Daydream

Last week I showed you my little dragonfly. All I had left to do was the outline. I used to dread doing the outlining. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because I have a very short attention span. By the time I’d get to the outline stage, I was already bored with the project!

For this one, I decided to start with the frame outline, because it was simpler.

And it went pretty well. The outline of the dragonfly took a little more time…

But that wasn’t too bad. And it really does make a difference to the final project. In cross stitch, outlining is rarely a step you can skip!

And now it’s framed and ready to join its butterfly mate on Mom’s bathroom wall!

And I’ve got some blue aida cloth on order, so I can start my next tiny needle project!

P.S. … after a little digging, I discovered that it was me (not Mom) who started this project. Way back in 2009!!!!

11 thoughts on “Tiny needle Tuesday FO: Dragonfly Daydream

  1. Araignee

    It’s lovely! I like outlining as a rule but too much of it is no fun. It’s why I like to do a little at a time but that doesn’t work as I found out the hard way with the nautical sampler.


  2. What a pretty finish Va1. Sorry it was n’t as fun as it was hoped to be! Since we have cabin fever, and we are not going out to mix with humans right now, I started a 1og cabin, with yarn I was not going to use otherwise. It is fun. My history wi11 show, if it is not fun , I genera11y don’t continue to knit whatever it is!
    Stay warm.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What a beautiful finish! How nice that your Mom will now have the completed set and one made by her and one by you. Looking forward to seeing your next cross stitch project.


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