Tiny needle Tuesday

With my dragonfly done, it was time for another tiny needle project.

Back when we moved in, Dee (a fabulous cross-stitcher as I’m sure you are aware), sent me a little housewarming gift.

She’d made this sampler not long before. I’d admired it, an noted it would be nice to make something like it to mark the purchase of our first house. She kindly offered to send me the pattern. It’s been tucked away since then, just waiting for me to have time to start it.

I’ve committed myself to dedicating Saturday and Sunday evening for cross-stitching:

As a result, I’ve completed the house. Since our house is white, I got some light blue aida (16 count) for it. It looks more grey here but is really is blue, I promise.

Hopefully by the next time you see it, it will have some landscaping!

7 thoughts on “Tiny needle Tuesday

  1. Araignee

    That was so sweet of Dee. I always liked that pattern. It’s so cute and just enough stitching to keep you interested but not overwhelm you.


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