A new Hobbii

Hey kids! I found a new place to buy reasonably priced yarn and I wanted to share with you all. It’s called Hobbii! It’s located in Denmark, but they offer free shipping over a certain amount.

And I know, I know… I literally said at the start of the month that I would knit from stash and not buy anything new, because I do not need any yarn.

But I didn’t actually place the order for the yarn….

I NEEDED these unicorn scissors. Like absolutely needed them!!!! And wasn’t about to pay shipping for just a pair of silly scissors. So, some yarn popped in my cart so I could get FREE shipping.

First was some of their Dolce sock yarn. It’s a gradient yarn with speckles. Technically, you can never have enough sock so I don’t really feel bad about ordering it.

Next up is some fun self-striping sparkle worsted, and some plain solids. These will become colourwork hats for my nieces for Christmas this year.

And because I still needed a few dollars in stuff to get that free shipping, so this Raggi came along for the ride. It’s a Worsted weight sock yarn and I’m happy to have found another source of yarn to make Dad thick socks.

10 thoughts on “A new Hobbii

  1. I have a pair of unicorn scissors like that! I love them. They were goodie bag stash for a Fall Shawl Retreat I put on with Laurinda Reddig (crochet designer). See, now you need to come to a retreat with me, if we ever put one of those on again!

    I love the yarn colors in that first set; are you planning to put them together, or are they for 3 pairs of socks?


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