It’s Christmas time again

I know… this is the second time this week that I’ve mentioned the C word. But that’s just how I roll. As soon as Christmas is over, I’m thinking about what I’ll be making for the next one.

I’ve got an excel file on my computer that contains all the people for which I make things for birthdays and Christmas. I’ve filled in some ideas, and over the course of the year, I’ll pick them off, one by one.

Up first is Dave’s mom.

Just before I got side-tracked by the Krista socks, I’d cast on for this pair. Dave’s Mom is not the best for following washing instructions, so indestructible Kroy Socks are perfect for her. She also has small feet (even smaller than mine!) so they whip up super quick! The colour of this one is “Dad’s Jacquard” and it’s an interesting mix of pink and red, with bands of green, yellow, grey and white. They certainly stand out!

Of course, I’ve got to get Krista’s pair out of the way before I get back to these. But I expect that will happen by the weekend!

10 thoughts on “It’s Christmas time again

  1. That color of Kroy is so pretty.

    We never have those pretty colors in our stores. You and Deb (Araingnee) find the best ones. Guess maybe I need to do some online shopping.


  2. Araignee

    I was just emptying out my gift box of socks this morning. I didn’t give half of them away this year because of Covid once again ruining our gatherings so I’m going to have to mail them out if I want to fill it up again. I’ve already started a pair for next Christmas but I’m afraid I’ve saturated the market for hand knit socks but I just can’t stop making them.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Beautiful yarn and sock. Great colors. I consider hand washing to be using the delicate cycle on the washer so guess I fit in the category with Dave’s Mom. Love your organized approach to Christmas gifts.


  4. I have those people that I only give machine washable socks to and it all works out. That color is fabulous. We also don’t have the bright Kroy colors. Do you get it online?
    A spreadsheet is brilliant. I may do the same this year.


  5. jatshaw

    Great color! Do you have any tips for making the second sock match? Socks are fun to make, but I’m much better at starting them than finishing them.


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